Selector Spread WIXOSS – 4

The never ending battle between angsty teenage bitches continues – but this time Tama is here too. Ruko is just happy to see that Tama is okay and, in fact, doesn’t hate her, which does much to bolster her spirits. But what exactly is Ulith’s motivations, given that Iona’s wish has technically already been fulfilled? We’re not sure, but Ulith issues a challenge to Ruko – if you want Tama back, you’ll have to defeat me.

Knowing what an asshole she is, I’m not surprised to see that she’ll be the end boss this season. Interested to see how things go down but Ruko is pretty unbeatable, it seems. Still waiting for her grandma to become the ultimate antagonist or something stupid like that.

How many times does Chiyori have to get assblasted before she realizes that she is out of her league? She’s going to continue to get slammed. One more loss and her ass is grass. I’d hate to see what becomes of the poor thing in that situation – but I’m quite happy she’s become friends with Ruko and Hitoe.

Iona is still the most interesting character in this show – obviously her motivations are to become the best LRIG to the best Selector, as she’s stated herself. But is that really all? Doesn’t she want something more from this? You can see her internal struggle but not unlike Teru Miyanaga, we are unable to get any introspection as to what she might be thinking (and if we do get it, it’s sparing). Anyone wonder if Iona will end up playing for team friendship by the end of this? I’m not sure if there is any redeeming her but there just might.

How is it that someone wrote a novel essentially encapsulating all of WIXOSS and nobody fucking knew about it? That seems very unlikely, you think someone would have at least mentioned it in passing last season. It seems this girl will know something about the white room and by extension Mayu, so here’s hoping it pays off!

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