Psycho Pass 2 – 3

Suspicion turns to Akane as the mysterious letters “WC” finally appear in her very own room. Unable to say conclusively that someone entered her room, both the inspectors and enforcers are forced to choose which impossible scenario is more likely – that someone did enter the room somehow, or that Akane lost her sanity and wrote it on the walls, which would in turn draw a correlation to the previous crime. Thanks to good guy Tougane, however, she is cleared of suspicion. After all, in the face of two explanations, shouldn’t the investigation take the group that further believes in the innocence of their inspector? Sounds right to me. Good job, Tougane.

The chief (who is Sibyl’s poster girl, as we know) later warns Akane to be wary of Tougane, as apparently he’s had the highest psycho pass ever recorded in Sibyl’s history. Makes me wonder what in the fuck it was, that girl in the first season had one over 400.

It’s interesting to see that Akane really has become Sibyl’s pet – the only one who knows of their true existence and they trust her to keep that secret, because they know how brilliant she is and that she’s capable of understanding their need to exist. For now anyway, as she made her disdain for the system apparent at the end of the previous season. How long do they think she’ll go along with this? I doubt they are not keeping their eyes on her as the only person in the entire world with an insider’s view on Sibyl.

Interesting to see the show explore one of the greatest unexplained themes in the previous season – how can certain criminals like Makashima keep their psycho pass down despite their obvious instability? It’s obvious they’re nothing more than crooks but Sibyl refuses to properly identify and assign them a proper crime coefficient. “Kamui” obviously exists and with him lies the answer to this two year old question – I’m as excited as anyone else to finally figure out what’s going on here.

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