Selector Spread WIXOSS – 5 – 8

This is the longest I have ever gone without posting something to here, and I’m very sorry for that. As usual, shit has been crazy and I haven’t had the time – although I have kept up on every show I’ve been watching, somehow. Yeah, I don’t really know how I did that. But let’s talk Selector WIXOSS shall we? Some amazing stuff has happened since we last met.

Futase Fumio was already aware of the existence of Mayu, the white room, and the truth of what happens to girls that have their wishes granted – that is, they become LRIG’s. A dark tale that she decided, for some reason, to weave on paper and have it published. Thankfully, she isn’t retarded and reveals that her very intention was to draw other selectors to her so that she could battle them. She’s also never lost a battle. Neither has Ruu, and we know how this goes – she stomps her. I was satisfied.

Most importantly, we have Iona and Tama’s past revealed – and what a revelation it is. They are actually beings created by Mayu, who is by extension their mother. As a lonely, sick, abused girl in a room by herself, she made friends for her to play against – Shiro, the girl of white, and Kuro, the girl of dark. Shiro is the one we know as Tama, while Kuro is in fact Iona. Iona is just the name of the body that Kuro possessed when we first encountered her. Trust me, this gets confusing if you’re not keeping up, but it IS well explained, at the very least.

Ruu also loses her first battle, although it is to Ulith with Tama, going to level 6. It was kind of a cheap win they wouldn’t have managed otherwise though. I don’t really like Mayu – so Iona spills the beans and she decides to take out her anger on her? Poor Iona. Did you ever think we’d be on her side? I have always loved Iona, even if she was initially fairly twisted. Ulith has clearly taken all that we know to another level.

We’re getting closer and closer to the truth. All that remains is to get to the white room and confront Mayu. How long until we get there?

Oh yeah, one of my two least favorite characters stabbed the other with an exacto knife. Take that, bitch. Stab yourself with one too while you’re at it, you looney.

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