Psycho Pass 2 – 2

Yeah I knew the blog post for this episode was gonna be confusing, I blame the dumb title of this second season.

“I had hoped you’d understand, Akane.” ~ Mysterious bad guy after intentionally killing someone in the previous episode.

Man, being a hypocrite is easy these days. So what is our favorite bowl-cut protagonist up to this week? As it would turn out, investigating a problem that Makashima left us with a trace last season – why can some control their psycho pass so easily in order to avoid being judged by Sibyl? They’re obviously malicious by Sibyl has sided with them – no doubt a dialogue on “thinking for ourselves”, something I think Makashima spoke of. Anybody who has watched the first season knows the true nature of Sibyl at this point.

I can’t help but think the stunt Ginoza pulled last episode never would have flown in the previous season – pointing a dominator as an enforcer at another inspector. You would have gotten your ass executed faster than you could say “Tashikani”. Seems that the department of justice has gotten a bit lax in the years following Makashima Shougo’s rain.

The pacing of the show feels decidedly different than it did in the previous season – less oppressive, a little less unknown, and foreign. It’s likely because the only two familiar faces are Ginoza and Akane – a little off putting for sure, almost feels like I’m watching a different show that just happens to star the two of them. I do miss a lot of the old cast.

We all know it’s inevitable that Kougami will show up at some point. My bet is that we’ll have to wait likely to around the 10th episode for this to happen just yet.

Not sure what the villain’s whole purpose is, but I suspect something pretentious and maligned like Makashima’s intentions. Maybe he’ll be quoting shakespeare too, the fruit loop.

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