Selector Spread WIXOSS – 2 & 3

In keeping with the Yu-gi-oh analogy, Mayu is Pegasus. What else will we find as we go down the rabbit hole? Maybe a fucking rabbit this time.

Iona and Ruko’s relationship takes center stage for me in both of these episodes as one of the more interesting character dichotomies I’ve seen in an anime in a while. They need each other in order to survive and they’re actually quite similar, going beyond the villain gambit of pointing this out, it holds true. Iona is honest with herself about it while Ruko is not – I do not doubt that she intends on finding Tama but there is no doubt a more feral, base need in her that is going to take center stage eventually. What is gonna give in the relationship that Ruko has with Iona, Hitoe, Yuzuki, and even her grandmother? I’m not sure but hopefully everything ends well.

Iona’s bit of introspection was also very interesting, although not that surprising given her convictions.

I was really impressed to see that Tama held her belief in Ruko so true despite being tested by Mayu’s distrust of the entire outside world. Being naive, I would have thought Ruko to be fairly impressionable, but like a good friend she held her convictions true. As watchers of the “Selector” series, we’re used to seeing pain and misery but this sequel series has certainly tried our emotions even more so than usual, no doubt.

Oh yeah, and Akira’s back. Whoop de-fuckin-do.

And guess what? She’s still a tremendous, ungrateful, worthless bitch. Yeah, harsh I know, but what can I say about someone who takes advantage of kind people like Hitoe, threatens to kill people, and cares about nobody but herself? There’s no saving her, and I hope karma comes to get her.

Ulith’s motives are dubious as usual – we don’t really know much about her other than that she’s snide as shit and hates Iona. I don’t really care if she manipulates Akira though, and I don’t think anybody else does either.

More drama next time.

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