Saki – Zenkoku – hen 4

The first match begins. We have Suzu from Himematsu, Shiromi from Miyamori, Komaki from Eisui, and Yuuki from Kiyosumi. Between Suzu, Yuuki, Shiromi, and Komaki it’s easy to tell who the elephants in the room are. It seems clear to me that Suzu and Yuuki are the weakest while I find Shiromi to be very intimidating and calculating and Komaki…I’m not sure what the hell is up with her. Her “Battle aura” leads me to believe she is a demon level mahjong player which, if that is the case, the rest of them are all very screwed.

As we all know, Yuuki is always strongest during the East Wind so she does well as expected during the beginning of the round. Yuuki attempts to address her weakness by optimistically proclaiming that she will “Never let it be anything but the east hand”. Given that Shiromi and Komaki are there, I am not so certain that is going to be the case.

Apparently Suzu has prior knowledge of both Tacos and Shiromi’s abilities. All I can say is that when I saw Shiromi stop to think for a minute, I thought everyone was fucked. Towards the latter half of the match she has proven to be ferocious. Komaki, despite having the machinations to be a demon, gets stomped for pretty much the whole match before revealing she was “Asleep”. Uh oh. HERE WE GO AGAIN GUYS.

I’m thinking that Miyamori is going to be the school that ends up advancing with Kiyosumi to go against Shiraitodai and Achiga. Jesus, that first match is going to be of the scale to cause a national emergency between Shiromi, Yuuki, Kuro, and Teru. RIP Yuuki and Kuro is all I’ve got to say.

Yuuki is certainly holding her own even against Shiromi, but now that Komaki has awakened, hopefully she can hold off long enough for the games to get to the Kiyosumi golden 3; Hisa, Nadoka, and Saki.

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