Saki – Zenkoku – hen 3

The finals finally begin!

It turns out purple girl is essentially a fearow with Mirror move; she can copy anyone’s signature move/ability once per four or five hands (Kinda scary to think what would happen if she ever managed to copy Teru’s mirror). She captures and demonstrates this ability by recycling Saki’s Rinshan Kaihou from the dead wall. Hisa sits there with a “Keikoku doori” face as the rest, save Nadoka, are surprised. After the match she gets thoroughly spanked in point and Nadoka chides her for copying others abilities before improving her own. Whatevs man, she’s still cute.

We also see a nice flashback in the beginning of the episode showing how Nadoka and Yuuki met; of course, poor Nadoka got teased about her chest size. It was nice seeing the old lady ask about Shizu and Ako though. Hey guys, please don’t forget about them, ok?

Hisa also reveals that part of the reason for the combined training camp was to strengthen Mako’s skills and expose her to more playing styles. I still feel as though Mako is better than Yuuki as a player. That said, I don’t doubt that Hisa has a plan; she must have felt as though Mako had some weak spot that was easy to expose or take advantage of.

Did I also mention that we got wind that Hisa shut down whoever they faced prior to this match so badly that they never even got to their fourth player (Nadoka)? Jesus, she is frightening.

In any event, the first match is ready to begin as Yuuki dons her famous cape (that she apparently just bought?) and steps into the always permanently purple room. Shit is about to go down.

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