Saki – Zenkoku – hen 5

“Mahjong is tanoshii” ~ Some Miyanaga bitch

So Yuuki’s match finishes with minimal casualties (Thank GOD) through some miracle. Shiromi and Komaki somehow didn’t kill her to all high heaven and the match ends up with Kiyosumi having roughly as many points as they started with; not bad at all. Good job Yuuki!

Focus is all on Mako for this episode as it’s her time to shine against Aislinn Wishart, who is clearly a foreigner because she has blonde hair and blue eyes and we all know what that means in anime! Haha right I know so original. Doesn’t matter, she’s still cute and I still love this show.

The match begins with Mako standing up against Miyamori’s Aislinn Wishart, Eisui’s Tomoe Karijuku, and Himematsu’s Yuuko Mase. Aislinn is clearly the strongest non-Mako player here and Mako plays accordingly; goes for cheap wins to break up the way Aislinn is playing. All in all, this is clearly a round of defense as Mako confesses that if she played the way she normally does, she would have gotten severely iced. Smart playing Mako!

Karijuku and Yuuko are also fairly competent players but in my opinion this match’s competition isn’t quite as fierce as the match before featuring Shiromi and Komaki, who could probably wreck these guys. Mako plays defensively and comes out with minimal losses and small gains, which is still quite good.

Everything is in place for Hisa to do what she normally does and beat the ever loving shit out of everyone, which she has done without fail. We have never seen Hisa in a moment of vulnerability and even when she knew she would lose a hand, she knew it ahead of time (Against Saki in the individuals). Using her trademark cutthroat abilities and wild, crazy bad waits I’m sure she’ll further cement Kiyosumi’s dominance.

…Or will she? Honestly, Kiyosumi’s two weakest players have played already and have done fairly well. The stage is set for someone to mess up badly at this point. Hisa is also acting strangely, choosing to go to the stage earlier than normal. Is it her nerves? I hope not. Does she even have nerves? I’ve never seen them if she does. Round 3 is ready to begin!

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