Kuroshitsuji – Book of Circus – 6 & 7

As we go further and further down the rabbit hole, Sebastian and Ciel pursue their prey and even get their hands a bit dirty. Well, at least one of them does. Uh, not going into any further detail than that, watch the damn episode because lol.

We’re finally to the point right about where I stopped reading in the manga. With the confrontation with the Baron left, we are at this act’s climax.

Let’s get the small stuff out of the way first. Man, it was nice to see soma and Agni again. The curry arc from the original show was a good one and over the past few years I’ve grown quite fond of them. Kind of amazing how different soma and ciel are from one another. Good job Agni! Your khansama would be proud.

More so than when I read the manga, I am really feeling for “freckles”. Unfortunately for her, good guys on the wrong side rarely come out alive in the cruel and dark world of kuroshitsuji. I doubt we will be seeing any exceptions anytime soon – that goes for the well intentioned like Joker, as well. We shall see.

The Baron is one fucked up guy, holy shit. Thr scene where the children perform and die in gruesome ways shook me in the manga but was even more chilling animated. You don’t see ciel get rattled so easily so that should speak to the atrocity of this – even going so far as to call him an animal.

On a minor note – loved Sebastian’s grin when he had Joker ay swordpoint. It was like ” Gotcha faggot.” That’s so Sebastian.

There is one thing I am aware of that’s yet to happen but at this point, everything is going to be new to me. Episode 9 and 10 should contain a shitload of action if things go as I predict. William still needs to collect those souls, after all…

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