Kuroshitsuji – Book of Circus – 8 & 9

Wow, have I been a piece of shit at updating this blog lately or what? Yeah, I pretty much suck. Between my two jobs, freelancing, and the pursuit of two other jobs there has been barely enough time to watch anime, save to write about it. Seriously if somebody has this formula figured out I am listening.

Anyways, what even happened? Did I even watch this? Can’t remember.


Yeah, ok, we should begin. Let me begin by saying that I’m not sure if the anime, good as it is, conveyed the level of sheer, unmitigated rage that was supposed to be present on Ciel’s face as he shot the Baron. It’s clear from reading the manga that Ciel was seething, which is obviously quite unlike him. This is especially powerful when you remember that Ciel is not one that usually is shaken by such things, if ever at all. I mean, he generally has little reaction to just about everything. Unfortunately for Joker (As mentioned previously), being on the wrong side does not grant you any graces in Kuroshitsuji – he gets his hand chopped off and burned alive. Yikes.

Anyone who’s seen the first 24 episodes of the original Kuroshitsuji knows all about Phantomhive’s servents – Finny is a science experiment gone wrong, Meylin is a professional assassin, and Bard is an old general in the army. All of them were handpicked by Sebastian, which is a long way of saying how fucked you are. Despite episode 14 or so beyond of the first season not being canon, this is actually something that the non-canon material hand-picked from the circus arc as fact – something I wasn’t aware was canon until a bit later.

The story of Noah’s arc troupe circus is morbidly sad. I have to admit that, despite all the shit I’ve seen in anime, the scene with Beast being cradled by Joker was a disheartening reminder of how their future, possibly bright, was stolen from them. Very, very sad.

The underbelly of England is certainly a much more different place than has been painted by Professor Layton and his friends. The entire circus troupe, save Freckles, bites the dust (I must concede I was a little shaken by the way Beast went). Ciel and his troupe aren’t about doing things the 100% good guy way, and I’m certain that Freckles will bite the dust not long after learning the truth about what transpired at the Phantomhive residence.

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