Free – Eternal Summer! – 6 & 7

Man, summer really is eternal guys. You know what that means, right? Free is going to have as many episodes as one peace, naruto, and bleach combined.

Of course (and quite thankfully), that is not true. The Free bros do compete as practiced against Rin’s school in both individuals and the relay though. It ends up being a bit of a mixed bag as the two school titans clash against each other. Nagisa, Haru, and Makoto all take first in their individuals while Rei takes fourth, which is extremely impressive. Any swimmer can tell you though that if you can’t fill up the lanes, you probably shouldn’t expect to win a swim meet. The relay is close but Rin’s team takes it. I must admit that Free did an excellent job at making me tense – I knew that both races could go either way and in fact – they did!

Run takes his loss against Haru like a man and goes back to do some badass weight lifting. Meanwhile, it seems as though Rin’a kouhai has taken his exemption from the relay a bit hard. To make up for it, he trains in secret every night to improve. Even Sosuke takes notice of this.

It really speaks to me as a former swimmer – sometimes people are born with talent and sometimes people aren’t. Those that aren’t have to work considerably harder. Swimming is equal parts technique and talent, you can succeed without one or the other but the combination of both will surely see you as leaps and bounds above your peers. It isn’t always that easy though, otherwise, everyone and their brother would be a great swimmer!

So what lies in store for our favorite free-bros? Preps for the regionals! I’m assuming we will get another mixed bag once that time comes, but time will tell.

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