Selector Spead WIXOSS – 1

Over the crazy last month or two I’ve had in my life I actually powered through Selector Infected, something that I meant to cover here on the blog but ultimately I ended up running out of time. That doesn’t mean I won’t be discussing the highly awaited sequel here though!

Selector Infected was an interesting bag; I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Ultimately what I got was a moody as fuck version of yu-gi-oh with no shortage of Urobutcher quality suffering. It was great and didn’t take the easy way out – We had suicide, incest, despair, grief, remorse – a bit of a superficial study of what we do as humans to better ourselves, often at the expense of others. I do mention superficial however because Selector Infected was never interested in delving into these subjects anymore than skin deep, and trust me, I am fine with that. It excels for that reason.

So with Iona as Ruuko’s LRIG, what sort of shenanigans are we to endure this time? It seems that the main objective is what I thought – Find Tama. Of course, the lady in the white room manipulated the naive little bugger into not trusting Ruuko at the last second – it’s clear she’s the main antagonist and a sinister entity. Ruuko is still intent on finding a way to save everyone, including the LRIG’s that are stuck and unable to explain the rules of the game; but finding Tama comes first!

Poor little Tama is probably locked away somewhere – or perhaps she became Iona’s LRIG. Time will tell for certain. I, for one, am just happy to see Yuzuki, Hitoe, and Ruuko all hanging out and being friends – the poor things went through a lot last season. Heck, I was even happy to see the little sprout that challenged Yuzuki last season (I recognized her as soon as she showed up!) Of course, I’m happy they explained things to her because she seems like just a naive little girl.

Next up – Find Tama! Then – get everyone the hell on outta WIXOSS and save everybody! Just good luck convincing Iona to go along with that. Interesting that we got a bit of introspection into her motivations (Although it was a bit disturbing).

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