Psycho Pass 2 – 1

Hyper Oats.

Yes, the only cyberpunk show to come out in the last decade is back with a vengeance. It’s been two years since we last left Akane, Ginoza, and the rest of our still alive heroes (Even Kougami!…somewhere.) What has happened to them in the interim? How are they faring in a story not animated by IG or written by Urobutchi?

Just fine, quite honestly.

The story opens with a chase not unlike the first episode of last season. I still remember what was going through my head every step of the way as I watched Akane receive her dominator and become accustomed to the way that problems are dealt with in a society run by the Sibyl System. This episode provides an interesting and considerably less fatal juxtaposition in a way that properly reflects many assets of Akane’s character. In a completely unrelated bit, I just remembered that Zetsuen no Tempest aired in the same fall season as Psycho Pass 1, holy shit what a season that was.

You may recall that Akane chose not to destroy Sibyl (which I personally believe would have been the better decision) and instead opted to let the system remain while she works out the kinks of destroying it. “How the fuck is she going to go about that?” I wondered to myself two years ago. Well, uh, not sure on that yet.

It made me smile to see Akane trying to fudge the numbers, surprisingly even with Ginoza’s cooperation, in order to paralyze the man rather than completely eliminate him. I thought that her position had changed her and she’d become an unfeeling badass, and despite her reasoning (“We need to know how he kept his hue clear” yeah right), I know the real reason she didn’t kill him was because she believed every word she said at that rooftop. Nice try, Akane, but we know you better than that.

Some dark undertows at the very end of the episode. Who is this man, and what’s up with the doppleganger? His shtick isn’t much different than Makashima’s – a man with a psycho pass under 60 that is unable to be judged by a dominator. Interested to see how they explore this without treading old ground.

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