Owari no Seraph – 1 & 2

Shingeki no Serpah, er, I mean, Revenge no Seraph, uh, ok, last chance…OWARI no Seraph (Or Seraph of the End) is another show, not unlike the epinonimous Attack on Titan, featuring themes of oppression and revenge. While this is not necessarily a bad thing (And trust me, in this case, it isn’t), I was a bit hesitant to watch this one. While it had the makings of other shows we’ve seen already, the first episode didn’t disappoint.

So, what are we in for? This show features a young boy named Yūichirō Hyakuya who lives in a world seemingly overrun by vampires. Everyone in this world is under the age of 13 initially, as a virus that struck when the vampires took over killed anyone over this age. The vampires are cruel and unforgiving, treating the young children as livestock, assumingly feeding on their blood in order to survive. Through a series of events, Yuichiro manages to kill the “vampire prince” (apparently his name is Ferid), albeit at the cost of his family and a young boy named Mika. He ventures to the outside world to find that the vampire’s sphere of influence did not quite extend as far as he initially thought – there were other older humans waiting for him at the exit, marking him as a survivor.

Seraph of the End, at least initially, seemed to be taking a tone similar to the previously mentioned Attack on Titan with a strong focus on a theme for “Revenge”, but the second episode has me a bit unsure. Why are we back in a comical school setting? C’mon guys, seriously? I’m a bit sick of the forced school perspective but it seems that we’re to deal with this obligatory plot development. Thankfully it doesn’t last long as Yuichiro makes a friend and is to be enlisted in the cadets as he wanted to.

For one thing, the Moon Demon company outfits are much cooler than what the soldiers in Attack on Titan wear, in my opinion. The uncanny resemblance to edo era policeman gives it a regal, dignified look. Not a bad way to parade around.

Owari no Seraph promises much more. Stay tuned.

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