Hibike! Euphonium – 1 & 2

Top hibikek, this show is crackers!

In all seriousness, you’re probably expecting k-on + azumanga daioh + lucky kek meets high schools girls playing brass instruments, and you’re right! We even have all our usual cast members including short haired Mugi and other moody girl who got burned for not making brass instrument nationals!

Ok, this time I’m really serious. This show is great, cute as a button, and lots of fun. Kumiko, our main star, plays the Euphonium (mostly because nobody else wanted to play it), an instrument that prior to this show I was not aware even existed. Apparently it’s a fat ass tuba instrument or some shit, I DUNNO LOL. I hope when someone mentions my blog they cite my “great” writing skills by example of that last sentence, that’ll get people to think I’m an idiot for sure! (Saves them the time of making that determination themselves!)

Kumiko, much like other high school girls in similar shows, quickly meets two friends (Hazuki and Midori, sometimes referred to as ‘Sapphire’) and ends up joining the brass ensemble through unusual circumstances. Their ensemble is run by what is undoubtedly the cutest, most attractive young lady I’ve seen in an anime in quite some time – the fact that she resembles Melissa 1:1 probably has something to do with it (Seriously, they look exactly alike). Her name is Asuka Tanaka, and she has no shortage on personality – quite the jokester, in fact. While initially the girls are off-put by her brash tendencies, they warm up to each other in no time. Oh, and Kumiko got stuck playing the Euphonium as one of her old classmates let it slip that she used to play it (And Asuka promptly jumped down her throat).

Kumiko played in the ensemble in junior high as well with her one friend Reina – with whom she had a falling out. Despite her best attempts, she is unable to approach her even with Hazuki and Sapphire’s help. We all know they’ll be great friends in the end, and given they all have one interest in common it’s only a matter of time before they complete the 3 – 5 girl ensemble a “Cute girls doing cute things” show needs. Get on it, ladies.

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