Nobunaga the Fool – 17 – 20

So let’s dive right into it – Mitsuhide and Caesar, left behind enemy lines, are captured by the star of the west and detained. Was there anything to Caesar’s chiding other than believing that he was more worthy of Ichihime because A) He had the initiative B) Mitsuhide is a slave to Nobu’s demands? I feel Caesar was challenging Mitsuhide to no longer stand in another man’s shadow. The bit about Mitsuhide not being able to wield a regalia is interesting but a big low blow – why is it that the regalia deem him unworthy? I’m not sure I have the answer but I speculate it has to do with his “Ends justify the means” philosophy – Mitsuhide has shown us he is very unafraid to get his hands dirty if the outcome he desires is not achieved.

I also wanted to say that I hate those goddamn twins – they are so annoying. Generally I hate any pair of “omg uber smart” twins or any villian that is like “lol i am rusemaster lul” so putting them two in one makes me hate them three times as much. Hope those little shits get killed really soon.

So Kenshin? Apparently really strong but not strong enough to beat Alexander, who is apparently undefeatable. Kenshin behaves admirably but is ultimately defeated – instead he makes a promise to fight Alexander again. I’d say that Alexander must be the strongest under King Arthur’s command.

Nobu foolishly engages Alexander and realizes that he is in major need of a power buff (or a training arc). Alexander continues to disrupt the ley lines of the east in the meantime, though. What better way to train that to endure the training his betrothed did when she was young?

Nobu, Kenshin, and Jeanne go to face this force with the hopes of obtaining power. Jeanne, because she’s got a nice rack gets stripped and whipped while the other two get to fight badass dragons. I like Jeanne a lot but you’ve got to admit that is pretty funny.

In the end, Nobunaga consumes the dragon of destruction and Jeanne lives with her prophecies, which in the end make them stronger. Kenshin doesn’t return with them but I’m certain he’ll show up when they need him most.

Nobu challenge Alexander again and bests him, albeit only slightly (He MUST have been pretty strong). Caesar’s sequence with Arthur is difficult to make sense of but I believe he’s undergone a baptism of sorts – or he’s just been brainwashed (Which would be much more boring). I’m concerned as he’s the only villain that is frequently engaging.

Oh yeah, and Caesar summoned the Ladder to Heaven. Holy grail, ho!

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