Nobunaga the Fool 14 – 16

Wow, it’s been a while. So uh, what’s up guys?

Finally a bit of slight characterization in this otherwise entertaining show – Nobunaga has shown to just what lengths he is willing to go and what he is willing to sacrifice for the sake of his own justice. He wasn’t about to let our star of the west invaders hold his own villiage as ransom which was an impressive and somewhat selfish gambit – but let’s be honest, does anyone think that Charlamagne would have honored the ransom anyway? I sincerely doubt it and I give Nobu huge props for shoving a metaphorical sword straight up their ass.

Let me take a minute to highlight Kenshin. Holy fuck Kenshin is extremely powerful, my god. Guy comes out of nowhere and blows those two the fuck out. More interestingly is Caesar, who has shown his devotion to his new wife Ichihime stands above even his devotion to the star of the west. This was particularly powerful for me because he really has no reason to stand against his former comrades. Ichihime – well done. I think you’ve cornered your opponent. Perhaps it isn’t as tactical as I think it is and Ichihime really believes him to stand for something.

Jeanne gets some heavy torture (much nastier than I was expecting this show to ever deliver). After heavy bouts of psychological and physical torture, she is saved by Nobunaga and the show begins to throw around some bullshit about a “Destroyer King”, something we had not heard up until this point. Attempting to put some of Nobu’s more dubious actions into light, Jeanne questions whether Nobu is this “Destroyer King”, who is purported to be the opposite of the greatly talked-up “Savior King”. Who really is the savior king, here? I’m going to go ahead and say that calling Nobu the Destroyer King is a red herring; a classic last ditch bullshit effort to stir up controversy or doubt amongst the heroes. It’s possible this can be played to great effect and used as impetus for Mitsuhide to inevitably betray Nobu as history dictates.

The show really surprised me with the 14th episode; never when I started this show did I think I would be so entertained by it.

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