Kantai Collection – 2 – 5

Man, I have failed in a completely unprecedented manner to keep this blog updated for the winter 2015 anime season, but for that you can thank many, many late nights at the office, general exhaustion, getting the flu twice in march alone, back to back, and getting my wisdom teeth pulled (earlier today, actually). Even such extremes will not keep me from posting about Kantonese cartoons!

I’ve actually been very good at keeping up with Kantai and Death Parade, despite what the blog posts indicate here. I’m somewhat glad I was able to end up bundling these together as the early Kantai episodes have little to discuss.

Kisargi’s death came as a shock to me and actually added the much needed feeling of mortality to the skirmishes present in the series – unless she magically comes back in the final episode, she is dead for good (I can safely say she has not shown up all the way to 11). I must hand it to the show – it killed someone off with no asspulls.

It was nice to feel the bond between Fubuki, Mutsuki, and Yuudachi – kinda reminded me of our crew from Soul Eater Not, strangely enough! (Yuudachi and the aforementioned princess seem to share more than a handful of similarities, and that extends further than their personality). I can put my stamp of approval on each of the three as quite likeable.

I admit – I knew next to nothing of Kancolle before this show – Kongou’s personality threw me for a loop, but I think I like here even better here! She has the liquified, distilled essence of everything that made Karen likeable from Kiniro Mosaic, complete with hilarious insertion of english words and most importantly, the same voice! Kongou’s fleet’s loyalty was moving to me.

Episode 5 was quite interesting – reminds me very much of my own workplace with how frequently teams are assembled and disassembled! In any events, the shambling remains of squads were re-arranged to form a new one, complete with Kongou and Fubuki place with some of Akagi’s girls. Needless to say, Kaga in particular is very proud and did not get along well with the others. I doubt I need to tell you where the episode went as we’ve seen this situation countless times before, but nonetheless its resolution brought a proud smile to my face upon its resolution.

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