Death Parade – 6 & 7

Plot episode incoming!

Let me say that episode 6 was one of my absolute favorite since the show’s inception. Harada, despite wanting to write him off as an egotistical, womanizing dick, actually proved to have some humanity (although, admittedly, Mayu was really the one who shone). These are some characters who possess all the depth of a real person – Mayu is not the most attactive or the most perfect, and she’s had some embarassing situations – but beneath her exterior lies a normal girl with a heart of gold, willing to do anything for Harada, her idol.

There is a saying about those you idolize though – don’t get to know them, although in this case Harada proves it wrong. I was on the edge of my seat as he reached for her hand before she fell to her fake doom. The little show they put on at the end for all of Quindecim brought the biggest smile to my face. Truly, an excellent, excellent episode.

Oh, and the first episode where we saw Ginti do some judging as well!

Episode 7 is heavy on the plot. So the bar is called Quindecim, right? Decim obviously comes from Decim, but what about Quin? She was a real woman with an odd personality – bubbily and spirited – makes me wonder why she and Nona get along so well. Quin was a former arbiter who now works for the intelligence borough, but people are dying so fast that she rarely has a single moment to breathe, even if she does agree with Nona’s analysis that she is more suited for it than her previous job.

Even if you weren’t paying attention, there is no way you didn’t notice the obvious machinations of building tension. Nona has done something unimaginable – infused Decim with human emotions. This is probably why we can relate to Decim more than Ginti, for example (for the record, I think he’s also quite likeable). However, Oculus has no doubt noticed that Nona has been hiding something – his chilling inquiry towards the end of the episode spells out the final conflict, I believe.

So, insurrection amongst the arbiters and god, eh? Count me in.

How wonderfully likeable Decim ended up being. I had thought I had him pegged the moment we were introduced to him in the beginning of the show, but thankfully I was wrong. Oh, and how about Mayu? I guess Ginti ended up keeping a human of his own… Haha. Seems he is not as different from Decim as he had previously thought.

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