Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – 18

I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over 1000 blades.
Unknown to life.
Nor known to death.
Have withstood the pain to create many weapons.
Yet those hands will never hold anything.
So now, as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works!

We finally get to hear this classic incantation (and no, the single “I am the bone of my sword” from earlier doesn’t count) in some semblance. And what a payoff it was! The entire scene choreography and associated build up were nothing short of fantastic – they really had me excited even though I knew exactly what was going to happen.

Also, Shirou? He’s actually really cool. I’m happy that the rest of the world that is unfamiliar with the Fate/Stay visual novel get to see the true Shirou Emiya, rather than the one presented in the Deen adaptation, who was a bit off his normal character, much more reckless, and 10,000x more annoying. No, ladies and gentlemen, this is the true Shirou Emiya, the one that Nasu wrote, the real deal. This is also the same Shirou that eventually turns into Archer too, so don’t get too chummy with him!

Interesting to note is that it seems as though Rin and even Shirou had deduced Archer’s true identity, although I’m at a loss as to whether or not Archer had figured out his own identity yet. I’d assume he has, hence the newfound determination to kill Shirou, sparking his abrupt “heel turn” personality change. No doubt Archer is spurred by something greater than simply the realization of his own identity, and rather seeks to destroy that for which he once stood – his altruistic outlook on life. The question is – is he doing this to liberate Shirou so that he does not end up as himself, or is he doing this for more selfish reasons of self satisfaction and showing Shirou the futility of his ways? No one can say for sure which it is, but in due time Archer intends to make it clear.

The battle between these two “Ways of life” are far more important than the physical battle that is about to take place. Brace yourself.

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