Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – 19

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and no, I didn’t forget about this series – I’ve still been watching but it has been challenging to find the time to write to this blog! Thankfully, work has simmered down slightly so I’m back into the swing of things.

Enough about that though. Let’s talk TYPE MOON, motherfuckers.

Rin is captured with the intent of being used as the host vessel to the holy grail. In order for the grail to materialize in our world, it needs the body of the magus. For whatever reason, Kotomine has determined Rin to be the most suitable remaining vessel (I guess when your other two choices are Shinji and Shirou, I’d pick Rin too). However, it isn’t long before Lancer saves the day and punches Shinji’s face literally into a wall. Kotomine has other plans though and uses a command seal to force Lancer to kill himself.

So even Fate/stay Lancer has proven himself to be based as fuck – although it seems as though he cannot escape the inevitable suicide through command seal. I suppose them’s the breaks though, as Rin is now at Kotomine’s mercy. Great. And Shinji just has to still be alive, because everybody really thinks he adds so much character to the story.

Shirou has finally connected the dots and sees that Archer is the disgruntled and world-weary guardian he will one day become. In order to stop Shirou from ever becoming who Archer is now, he plans to end him as previously revealed. At stake is much greater than simply a battle to decide who lives or dies – no, this is a battle for what’s right, for what it means to stand by what you believe in. For Shirou to relent is to accept that Archer is correct, and vice-versa. How can Shirou defeat someone who is himself after several, several years though? Sounds impossible – to this effect, Archer is referred to as Shirou’s “ideal” more than once.

Ideal, indeed. What does it mean for Shirou to overcome himself? We’ll find out, shortly.

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