Witch Craft Works – 7

Kagari’s intentions for hiding Medusa (and the other jobber witches) have finally been revealed, although I suspect many of us had already guessed as to why that is.

In order to keep their mouths shut about the release of the white witch (which would subsequently send Kazane after their asses, daughter or not), Kagari figures the best way to keep watch on them is to have them in her sights. In their house. Yikes. Medusa is surprisingly diplomatic about the whole “losing” thing and decides to follow through with her wishes, given their aims coincide.

It was amusing to watch the jobber witches wait for Kagari to fall asleep only to be sorely disappointed that she never sleeps.

It isn’t long before Kagari’s intentions to hide Takamiya from her mother and her fellow work shop witches is laid bare when the other witches try to apprehend Takamiya. Openly defying her mother, she fuses with Medusa and attempts to subdue her mother with little success; for the first time ever, Kagari gets her ass kicked. They awaken in a punishment chamber that looks as though it jumped out from Virtue’s Last Reward. Damn. What kind of lady is Kazane?

The lines between good and evil are further blurred (Or maybe the show is mocking itself?) as we see Kazane playing what appears to be chess with the semi-competent, significantly more frightening witch who works with the alligator guy. We also find out that Kazane released the jobber witches. I know they’re not much of a threat but aren’t they enemies? It’s almost like it’s their job or they are playing a game where they punch in and out everyday, but there are no hard feelings. Perhaps this is just the tone of the show and it doesn’t give a shit.

It was still a great episode. Incoming drama between Kagari and her mother.

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