Kuroshitsuji – Book of Circus – 5

Another installment of kuroshitsuji that flew by faster than a much needed Christmas vacation. Things finally become distasteful again, in true Kuroshitsuji fashion.

The jig is up – Ciel knows that someone who goes by “Tom, the piper’s son” knows of his identity. Ciel figures it is not a stretch that they know who Sebastian is either – a clever cut-away scene with Joker, who is off to visit father, confirms this suspicion. This whole time they’ve been keeping a close eye on him, but they aren’t sure of his motivations of his connections (they seem to think he’s with Scottland yard – ha, like we would collaborate with lord Randall).

Will continues to get in Sebastian’s way as Ciel falls ill with asthma, enduced by the great stress and temperature of his environment he is in. Sebastian is set to investigate both leads, starting in London.

This is going to prove to be difficult – it’s clear that there are circus members with heart who, while still murderers, have redeeming qualities (Joker, freckles, potentially beast) which is going to make dealing with them a mixed bag. That, coupled with the Shinigami’s ominous foreshadowing that they will be collecting a ton of souls in the area very soon leads me to believe that a bloodbath is all but inevitable. The question is thus: How will it go down, and where is the collateral damage? I’m guessing the circus troupe is eventually going to get wiped clean off the face of the map. What role is William going to play in what is to come? Is he really just there to collect souls? I’m hoping there’s another reason for his presence – maybe I just want an excuse to see him do some real fighting.

The stage is set. I already know the answer and where they find him, but this “Father” character that’s present in that old photo that Ciel has pegged for an aristocrat is about to be found and all hell is about to break loose.

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