Kuroshitsuji – Book of Circus – 2

God do I enjoy the fuck out of every last second of this show. There is not a moment that goes by that I’m not grinning like a fool – and I’ve already read a majority of this arc in manga form years ago.

Sebastian joins the troupe with Ciel – something that Ciel is unaware of. Can Ciel really get anything done without Sebastian, undertaker muses? How funny he should say that as that is about to be put to the test in an environment where he can’t rely on Sebastian. For some reason I was thinking that Beast had two prosthetic legs but I guess I got my wires crossed. Loved seeing Sebastian’s athletic prowess put to the test. I’m also convinced the only way to make him mess up is by throwing some sort of cat into the picture. Guy is so driven otherwise!

Hey, by the way, how about that Abberline? Nice to see him again – and completely not dead this time. It seems that Ciel was impressed with his drive.

Just like in the manga, it seems that Book of Circus is keen on showing that Snake is particularly sharp and not quite as friendly as the other circus performers of Noah’s Arc. Not only that, he seems quite a bit more dangerous. It’s hard for me to make approximations on what will happen because I already know how half of this arc plays out, but let me say that we are in for a ride. A dark, twisted ride. Dark even by Kuroshitsuji standards. Ciel and Sebastian end up diving right down into the depraved, black hole of London’s underbelly and boy it is NOT pretty.

Interesting to note is that it seems A1 pictures will be adapting the rest of the Kuroshitsuji manga after this, where we will go straight into the manor murder mystery arc, of which I am completely unfamiliar other than the premise. If they can keep up this pacing and these production values, again, sign me the fuck up already please.

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