Kantai Collection – 11 – 12 (END)

The day for operation MI is here! This is clearly the final confrontation as far as this season goes. How’s it gonna go down? Why does the commander think that Fubuki is so darn important? All those questions answered and more on the next exciting episode of dragonball z!! *Guitar music for 6 seconds before showing you the episode preview*

Ok, so in all seriousness, I greatly enjoyed the final confrontation. Fantastic anime director Yasuhiro Imagawa can tell you that the best “Final Battle” style episode or set of episodes contains pretty much everyone who was relevant in the story’s run involved in one place fighting for the same cause. This, unfortunately, is an old anime trope that has seen disuse particularly in the last 15 years and that’s quite upsetting to me, but I’m most pleased to see that Kantai has not forgotten the spirit of a classic anime, not unlike the spirit of a true ship girl!

Things go quite poorly for Akagi, who unfortunately starts having ‘nam flashbacks at a moment of crucial import (noting the similarities between their current situation and her recurring dream). She is saved by Fubuki and Kongou, who snap her out of her daydreaming though. This backup helps but is certainly not enough to help combat the Abyssal ones. Several waves of reinforcements arrive for our ship girls, including Yamato and her squad and even Nagato herself! Not unlike Uesegi Kenshin’s arrival on the final battlefield in Nobunaga the Fool, I quite honestly screamed aloud in happiness upon seeing the both of them, and boy did they fuck shit up good.

Eventually, with the help of the commander (Who is quite unharmed, by the way), the girls realize that without destroying the carrier they will be unable to harm the regenerating Abyssal one that has been giving them so much trouble this far (and refusing to die). Fubuki lays the finishing blow and they blowe that motherfucker to kingdom come in a spectacular fireworks show.

The show has ended with Yuudachi and Fubuki greeting Mutsuki, who was waiting patiently for them, and had a rather modest “clean-up”, which was in good taste in my opinion. Anything more than this would have felt over-indulgent as many other anime series tend to do.

Oh, we cannot discount the most important detail….”Sequel in production!” I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’ll be looking forward to future exploits from the ship girls.

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