Kantai Collection – 1

Eh, fuck this show, strike witches rip off, dropped.

Haha, I’m so funny right guys? Guys? I am funny right? Maybe if I keep saying this like you can respond it will become true.

Ahem, so anyway. Kantai Collection. Do I even need to preface this with anything? I’m certain everyone knows what this is, but here it is anyway – Kantai collection is a risingly popular game that is based around girls who are world war 2 battleships personified. Yup, shit is crackers.

The premise of this universe seems to be that an otherworldly force known as the Abyssal Fleet has risen from the bottom of the sea in order to subjugate most of humanity. Actually, probably all of it. Most of all of it?

Fubuki, our main heroine, is ready to join the Third Torpedo Squadron naval fleet where she has chosen to enlist. Despite having no practical battle experience, it seems she fits right in, making fast friends with fellow loli-ass ship girl, Mutsuki.

Fubuki meets three of her other roomates, Sendai, Jintsu, and Naka, all with their own interesting, superficial, but cute quirks. In a classic misunderstanding that seems to happen so very often in these shows, she attempts to explain her lack of battle experience which instead gets misconstrued as her being a battle master. Uh, oops.

Such an assumption is not completely outlandish, as Fubuki has joined the Third Torpedo Squadron by the commendation of the admiral herself, who seems to be quite the archer. This seems to be no light compliment.

Fubuki, with the help of her new friends, manages to survive her first battle as an abyssal fleet gets the shit bombed out of it by the higher ranked admirals. I almost feel sorry for her as it was a pretty damn one-sided fight, all things considered. It’s clear that Fubuki wishes to emulate her admiral – but to what lengths will she go? I think we know how this one plays out, ladies and gentlemen.

First episode, while nothing completely new, was cute, fun, and well animated. Looking forward to more!

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