Hibike! Euphonium – 9 & 10

The appointed time is upon our fellow classmates – the dreaded audition. Who will prevail, and who will bitterly fall by the wayside?

Not Kumiko. It would appear as though she’s got what it takes as she (Along with a few other expected, like Midori and Asuka) makes the cut. Hazuki, on the other hand, is a bit out of luck. As a beginner though, I don’t think she should take it too personally. On that point, it would seem she hasn’t! It’s rough being in her position surrounded by capable players – that is a sure sign of emotional strength.

Midori is also feeling guilt over pushing Hazuki to confess to Shuichi, but everyone knows she was just being a good friend. Hazuki comforts her and changes her focus to Kumiko – namely, doesn’t she have feelings for Shuichi? It’s clear he does for her. Kumiko gives the first “confirmation” in my opinion that she, in fact, does have feelings for him, which I found to be quite surprising! She didn’t give any blusterings that would have given away her position prior to this – if she did, then I’m sorry for being dense.

Also, Reina is selected as the soloist over crowd favorite Kaori. Can you say “Shitstorm”? What, you can’t? Finish chewing your food first, please.

Poor Natsuki also did not make the cut, something that cut her pretty deep, although she won’t admit it. Looking sad and wistful, she is cheered up by Kumiko who exclaimed at the same time as me “You really are a nice person.” It’s the truth.

Did I mention how much I like their summer uniforms? They’re cute and, uh, “Spring”-y.

Kumiko again tried to figure Asuka out and the only thing that can be deduced is that she doesn’t personally give a shit about anyone, instead focused soley on what they contribute to the band and the performance of the school as a whole. I don’t think anything can be ascertained of her motives just yet – my guess would be some personal experience where human drama caused her or her fellow classmates to lose a competition.

As according to keikkaku, it would seem as though Taki sensei DID in fact know Reina before attending this school. Her father and Taki himself are good friends. This causes unrest within the band as rumors begin to spread that Reina was only picked as the soloist because of her “connection” to Taki and not because of the merit of her playing abilities.

Furthermore, in a bit of a twist I wasn’t expecting, Reina actually loves Taki. Like, love loves. Oooh boy. Sounds illegal, Reina.

In a bold move, Taki pronounces that there will be a second round of auditions – definitely not something I was expecting to happen. In some circumstances, it is a wise move to make – they can’t possibly complain if all the band members are judging it this time. If Reina is the better player and she wins, then nobody will be able to object. The band’s morale is important and Taki isn’t stupid – he knows this.

What happens now? Kaori has a second chance. Who do I want to win? I like them both, personally, so may the best girl win.

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