Gokukoku no Brnyhildr – 6

Sorry for the slow updates – I’m kinda on vacation, but that doesn’t stop me or Melissa from watching anime. What else do you do late at night when everything is closed? It is the weekend before memorial day after all! Although I must say that things have picked up today..Er, back on task!

Kotori, as I surmised last week, isn’t quite as evil as the manipulative camera angles and forced perspective made her out to be – she just smiles when under stress because that’s what she was trained to do. This episode does raise the point of what the girls will do when they run out of pills though – raid another laboratory, perhaps? What else can they do? It seems Routa has the idea that they can reproduce or artificially recreate the pills with the help of his scientist friend who’s help he enlisted at the end of the episode in what was an entertaining battle of science versus magic (seriously, I got excited watching this.)

Hopefully things pan out, but I suspect they will not be so easy – no doubt there will be some large hurdle to overcome before the magician’s magic pill can be flawlessly reproduced. No doubt Kuroha and the others will continue to be hunted down in the meantime, as well – I’d hate to see more than one A or AA magician chase after them. Given their previous encounters, I don’t think they’d survive without any heavy casualties.

I’m a bit surprised a AA didn’t have any hand-to-hand capabilities – this leads me to question how ranks among magicians are given out? How is it determined how strong they are – by the raw ability of their one forte? That seems a bit, uh, inconclusive and short sighted if so. The ranking system reminds me of the ranking system for espers in Index and Railgun – although there does seem to be rhyme and reason to those rankings.

Rankings are essentially “power levels lolol” but I still like talking about them. Curious to see how things will play out from here.

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