Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – 22


Man aren’t you glad you have me around to give such edgy, awe-inspiring words like this? Haha, ok, get ready for more uninteresting drivel of a similar sort.

So, Shirou is deduced to be Gilgamesh’s opposite – something that Rin has figured out in part due to his unease and feeling of being threatened by Shirou. Mankind has corrupted the grail and with it, Gilgamesh seeks a way to wipe out the “trash” that is humanity. Whoever survives will have been deemed to be ruled by him. Yes, there is not much more to expect from Gilgamesh, who might be one of anime’s biggest egomaniacs.

Rin, Shirou, and Saber all know that Shirou cannot take Gilgamesh on even in spite of this huge advantage. Despite Saber’s protests, it’s been decided that she will storm the gate and destroy the grail, as she is the only one who can do it as a servant. Saber reluctantly agrees and Rin transfers her mana to Shirou in as awkwardly a way as possible. It would appear as though Ufotable has decided to go the clumsy DEEN route and I can’t really say that I blame them – I don’t feel as though Rin and Shirou’s relationship is developed enough for them to have a, uh, extended scene of physical intimacy. I feel as though if it were to happen as it did in the visual novel, it would feel forced.

I feel as though their relationship is only beginning – and only at a time of great emotional connection and strength between the two of them would a scene like that feel tasteful and strengthen their story. But, eh, oh well.

Instead we got a whale. Enjoy your weird fuckin’ CGI whale thing. I think he was cool. He was green too. Green whales are cool.

The scene where Rin watched Shirou doing the high jump in school was really, really cute and touching to me for some reason. Sometimes, a little dash of personal touch like that is all that’s needed to make a connection.

Saber’s talk with Shirou made me beam inside. Saber is the most noble motherfucker under the sun. I don’t even think anyone deserves her as a guardian, she’s so good. She values Shirou’s thoughts and life even though she has no obligation to give a shit. To me, that is amazing.

Next week? We put the plan in motion. If you watched the preview it would seem as though a friend of ours hasn’t quite left this world yet! It’s going to be up to Saber to deal with him.

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