Fate / Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – 13 & 14

Back with a vengeance! Fate stay night returns and brings us to our japanese word of the day – うらぎりもの, romanticized as ‘Uragirimono’. Get used to it, it’s a word you’ll be hearing quite frequently over the course of episode 13!

So, sarcasm aside, Archer finally “betrays” Rin and sides with Caster, making Caster’s master, Caster, Saber, and Archer one force (and quite an intimidating one to boot). Shiro also kind confesses that he likes Tohsaka? No shit, but that was interesting. They’re the only two left and despite initially feeling that they may have no stake in the grail war anymore, they continue to fight on.

They are convinced that their best bet is to enlist the help of other masters (I am inclined to agree), and agree to meet Illysvana with the intent of speaking with her. Oh, except for the fact that Gilgamesh shows up for some reason and destroys Illya’s two humonculi. I could have told them that fighting him was futile, but people rarely want to hear it. Berserk is called upon to help fight Gilgamesh but it’s going to surely be an unholy massacre next episode, strong as Berserker is.

Rin and Shiro certainly have their work cut out for them, as while Rin is a skilled magus and Shiro is beginning to understand his abilities, the two of them would easily get annihilated by any competent or even weak servant. Given that I am familiar with what happens in “Unlimited Blade Works”, I can only say that one event that is upon the horizon is wholly satisfying – just you wait! Actually…doubtless 90% of you are also familiar with the story, so uh…well, why do you need to hear what I have to say anyway?

It was interesting to see Caster’s backstory, even though I still think she’s a slimy bitch. Even caster doesn’t deserve to get punched in the face after being rendered powerless anyway – her old master was even more of a scumbag than she is. Well, good riddance to him.

Next up – Berserker vs. Gilgamesh. Like anyone else who is ever “Vs Gilgamesh”, we know the outcome already.

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