Death Parade – 3

I don’t think I have the heart to withstand this show – it seems as though it is intent to see sad stories to their very end with no hope of a last chance. Miura and Mai’s love story is a simple one, but cute and touching all the same. I always feel love stories deeply, especially one about a young love that is lost, and in this case, found again too late.

Chisato was Miura’s friend that moved away when he was little, but it was young Mai that really love Miura. So much so, that she underwent plastic surgery to look like Chisato. I think Miura figured it out all along and he was still ok with it. Seeing the credits roll by as they went on their date, enjoying their first and last time as a couple together made me melt inside. Mai had lived her whole life in pursuit of Miura’s love, and at last, only in death, was she granted it. Only those with vapid, black holes in places of your beating heart need apply here, as the rest of you will shed at least one tear.

How tragic but wonderful all the same. If you must die, this is a fine way to go. Decim made me smile when he granted their last request for their date – I wasn’t expecting him to allow it, but it seems he’s not such an uptight guy after all. He does have a heart….somewhere in there.

I wasn’t sure what the significance of bowling with the other’s heart was in this case (unless it was just to make them aware of their feelings for each other, indirectly? But why, though?) – or rather, if the bowling game was symbolic of anything itself, but that I doubt.

A pure and innocent love lost to the uncaring, equal embrace of death. May they live on in their afterlife happily.

Even if we have found a formula, as long as the stories bear as much heart and worth as this, then we have nothing to fear. As usual, a spectacular showing from Death Parade.

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