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Kill la Kill – 21

As usual, Kill la Kill moves at breakneck pace once again this week. I feel as thought the series could have benefited from a 26 episode run rather than a 24; even just two episodes around when Ryuuko was knocked out and the ‘ultimate 5’ were formed could have really helped pad things out a bit.

That said, this week was still incredible. We had some, uh, out of place yuri in the beginning (which seems to be par for the course for being evil in this show) and the inevitable flip flop battle of Ryuuko vs Satsuki. Seeing Satsuki this week was unusual because it’s hard to see her so vulnerable; even so far as 5 episodes ago we doubtlessly could have even imagined someone getting the better of Satsuki. Pretty crazy how that ends up turning out for you once you’re on the protaganist’s side! All jokes aside, Satsuki’s strength is respected as I doubt she could have beaten Ryuuko in this state or not, deus ex machina aside. Satsuki also holds her own relatively unarmed against Nui (who is the single most irritating character in the show). She’s have a scissor blade thrown in her stomach by the end of the episode so it’s not all bad.

Ragyo, on the other hand, begins to bring her Life Fiber plans to fruition by announcing that 100% of the world is wearing Revoc’s clothing (quite a statistic; I’d make sure the number cruncher’s aren’t fudging them, Ragyo). She begins by, big surprise, turning all of Revoc’s workers into COVERS, including the fat groveling dude that’s been following her around for some time. How will Ragyo even be defeated? I think most people would guess with the completed scissor blade from Nui…Only time will tell, but that seems to be the most obvious route at the moment.

Satsuki draws Ryuuko’s attention away as the Elite Four prepare a gambit (of Satsuki’s own design of course) to remove Junketsu from Ryuuko. As expected, it doesn’t work, but Satsuki does not falter. As expected, it is Mako who takes advantage of an opening in Ryuuko’s defenses (created by Gamagoori) and brings her to her senses just in time.

It’s also worth noting that, unfortunately, Tsumugu got no respect this episode and was relegated to getting punked by Nui. If Nui isn’t dead by next episode this show can consider itself dropped. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating, but I just want to see her dead! Who can blame me seriously? She hasn’t been relevant for a while now.

Golden Time – 20

Tension between Chinami and Banri grows in this episode as she refuses to even look at the poor sucker. All over a misunderstanding! But that’s the least of Banri’s worries. Also pre-occupying his mind is how to give his main squeeze the ring his mom gave him and whether or not it even means anything. He eventually becomes so desperate for female perspective that he asks the crazy tea bitches from the beginning of the show, who indeed raise all expectations and make him believe it really does mean as much as he thought it did.

Stakes raised, Banri freaks about how to deal with the ring and Chinami, but Kouko assures him that they’ll find a way to deal with it, and to just wait until the festival is done for now. The way that Kouko speaks about the future reminds me of my own girlfriend, who will frequently look to the future with a hopeful mind and a bright smile. Stick together and keep going, Banri!

During the festival, Banri’s memories come flooding back in the middle of their dance and he becomes confused as to where he is. He mentions the last thing he remembers is waiting on the bridge for Linda; it’s clear ghost Banri has possessed him, seemingly unwillingly. Or has he? As we remember, ghost Banri willingly committed seppuku on the bridge when Banri attempted to save him at his high school reunion. What is going on here?

My bet’s on his two selves beginning to fuse, but who can say? All I hope is that he remains close and faithful to Kouko. I know he will, but damn, just hope this whole thing ends happily.

Golden Time – 19


Banri finally returns after his seemingly long excursion back home. Before returning his mom bestows him a ring to give to Kouko.

As not unexpected with those that remember early on in the show run, this episode, titled “A night in paris” is specifically referring to Banri getting his bones jumped. And that is precisely what happens, but damn is it cute. Kouko has such innocent eagerness and a strong desire to be closer to the one she loves, and I always find it touching. On the inside, she’s truly a very warm person. Unfortunately for Banri and Kouko, she gets sick from the food she ate and in a new move effectively cockblocks herself. Poor Kouko.

The nature of Linda’s relationship with Yana is finally out in the open although Yana claims it’s quite one-sided. Personally, I find Linda the hardest person to read in this series. She’s so warm and kind-hearted, but I still am unsure as to whether or not she liked Banri. Who can say? She certainly won’t!

Reminding me how fleshed out and real the characters are in this series, Linda gets uncharacteristically testy with Banri after finding out they brought Yana to the festival club and literally kicks his ass. She does apologize for it later. Chinami shows up and gives Banri shit for being too close with Linda because “Yana is interested in her, how would Kouko feel, etc.” Kouko is the one who told him to go talk to Linda.

The bottom line is that Banri keeping his past a secret is beginning to sow misunderstandings amongst his friends. Linda gave him the “go-ahead” on his non-disclosure agreement, so hopefully he clears this shit up before it becomes a problem.