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Fate / Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – 1 & 2

It has come to my attention that I incorrectly marked the first episode as “episode 1” when it is, in actuality, episode 00. Haha, my bad, thinking that episode counts usually start with one like what the fuck. In any event, I have since rectified the original post to match this count.

Wow, interesting take. We see the “episode 0” from an entirely new perspective, that is to say, “Shirou’s perspective”. Wait, why would we want to do that? After all, who really likes Shirou?

Honestly, the Shirou that ufotable (and techincally, type MOON) have portrayed is truer to his original character and much more likeable (and a lot less rash, thus far). But in many ways, he is very much the same Emiya kid we’ve known for a decade – Kind to a fault, honest to a fault, and wants nothing more than to help others. Sounds generic as shit on paper but I can’t help but feel that Ufotable has portrayed him in a way that feels more realistic and a little bit more sensible. Very much his own person and as stated before, much more likeable and perhaps, dare I say it? Even relatable.

The same can be said of others that were in Shirou’s ilk, such as Sakura, whom I personally found annoying and worthless, previously. She’s just sweet and responsible here. What’s not to like with her?

Shinji is still the same as ever (Those of us that have played Fate / Extra should have an especially strong distaste for him) – a complete flaming jackass that beats his sister and uh, engages in other activities too. Sorry, not going into detail there, anybody who has ever read the original novel or been on 4chan for more than a week probably knows what I mean though. Actually, do even I know what I mean? I don’t know! (What the fuck is this paragraph even saying (just kidding, I know what I’m saying, just messing with you)).

Kotomine gets to undergo the storied Type MOON rite of passage, that is, explaining the grail war while walking in a circle. He does it well. Being a douche comes naturally to him, as it would seem.

The Saber we are seeing here is, after all, a not-fully-materialized-Saber with a significant power nerf due to Shirou being unable to fully manifest her. After all, he has no formal magus training. Berserk shows up, and it seems we’re in the thick of the plot! Here goes!

Fate / Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works – 00 (Prologue)

Holy shit that is a long title, thanks a lot guys.

So I’d say this is easily the most anticipated show of the fall season. After 2005’s adaption of the original visual novel by studio DEEN, I think everyone is genuinely curious to see if ufotable can give it the Fate / Zero treatment. I come to you today to re-affirm to you that you will not be disappointed.

The anime follows the route of, as the title implies, Unlimited Blade Works, largely ignoring the frankenstein of story paths that the DEEN anime followed. I bet your knee-jerk reaction is the same thing mine was initially. “What? We already got a goddamn adaptation of that story route! Do we really need another?” Please keep in mind that, while I found the UBW OVA enjoyable, this one will be doing it properly, given that it’s not a victim of the one episode OVA format. Also ufotable (This means lots of blue color correction on blade strikes! WHOO!)

Great, so now we’ve got to deal with Shiro Emiya, right? Hahaha, wrong, faggot! This time we’re following Rin Tohsaka as she salvages what is left of her family (Just her, essentially). Rin is a much more likeable MC than Shiro in my opinion, so I’m ok with this.

Archer doesn’t come with the civil obedience we are used to seeing with him when it comes with Rin – this actually ends up causing Rin to use a command seal right away! Oops, don’t remember hearing about THAT one.

Can we talk briefly about how GAR this fucking guy is? Ok, 4chan’s been saying this for years now, but seriously, guy is so GAR it’s not even funny. I love how he lounges about in the living room like he owns the place. I feel as though we will get to see a more human archer than what we’re used to in this series.

I’m pretty happy they, even if it was only in passing, addressed or at least acknowledged that it was strange that Archer uses melee weapons rather than a ranged weapon or bow. Perhaps I’m not remembering correctly but I hope to get a proper explanation about that.

What was up with Gilgamesh talking to Sakura? Anybody know what was up with that? Also, has Sakura eaten the fish yet, and do we like it yet? “I HATE IT”. “HE HATES IT.”

I’ve also come to notice that Fate first episodes can’t end until we see Saber, even if it’s only for 10 seconds. Coming next – Shiro’s unlikely alliance with Rin, getting mauled to death by Beserker and being an idiot.

Hajimemashite, Rin! (Although I’ve known you for almost a whole decade at this point).