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Witch Craft Works – 12

Weekend continues the process that we’ve witnessed thus far in this show; she gets her ass kicked, shows that it was all according to keikkaku and escapes, and then gets her ass kicked, and then keikkaku’s outta there again, etc. etc.

Thanks to our unlikely ally Chronoire, the cycle of endless eight is broken!

Takamiya sacrifices himself for the good of his city by offering his soul to the white witch, despite being explicitly being told not to do this by Ayaka. What else is new? I’m pretty sure he never does anything that she asks of him. Anyways, he is told that by doing this he will also offer up Ayaka’s life, which is the only thing that makes him hesitate. Who can blame him? In any event, he claims the “good of the many outweigh the good of the few” and offers up their lives. What happens next is seemingly bizarre.

Ayaka appears to offer up her life in exchange for Takamiya’s, a fact that surprises Weekend, as she did not think the terms of the contract could be altered thusly. Mikage (through the other witch’s familiar) comes onto the scene to help Takamiya and surmises that she is, in fact, not actually dead, but instead she implemented a fail-safe; if Takamiya ever offers up his life, the white witch should void their contract. This is what happened, and in order to re-instate the contract, Takamiya has to kiss her. On the lips. Pucker up! In any event, Ayaka awakens and their contract is re-instated.

Cocky as hell, Weekend departed before this all went down and unfortunately for her was intercepted by Chronoire, who kicked the shit out of her. Badly. Then who comes meandering over? Kazane, who is actually fine and was able to escape the whole time, but didn’t hoping that the “youngsters could take care of it.” Take care of it they did, too.

Chronoire and Kazane, no longer concerned with Weekend, settle their old score before apprehending her.

What happens now? Life goes back to normal for Takamiya and Ayaka..for now. The jobber witches are back to no good, but it hasn’t done them much. Life as usual. I have to say that this show surprised me with how good it was. Hoping for more in the future!

Witch Craft Works – 11

And all the serious shit finally goes down. FURTHER!

Takamiya suffers massive amounts of pain due to his contract with the boundary. It ends up linking him further with Kazane to the point he sees her memories in his dazed stupor. Some of the more interesting things are the fact that he would have known Ayaka and Kazane before he actually met them. How  could that be, though? He clearly met them throughout the events of this show, right?…

Well, about that..turns out our one friend Kyoichiro Mikage (the teacher guy) specialty includes wiping one’s memory. You can figure out the rest! Not sure why he ended up doing the deed though. He talks with Takamiya, explaining where he is and why everyone else is there. He also mentions once this whole incident is over, he will restore everyone’s memories so they have no recollection of the “Weekend” incident.  It doesn’t take long before the Tower witches under Weekend’s command even invade their space. Mikage tells Takamiya to return to the real world while he handles the small fry, which we later see that he dispatches easily.

Takamiya’s sister finds herself up against a doppleganger, who matches her every move and is ready to deal the finishing blow (the jobber witches are standing by but are too afraid to act). Who saves her? Medusa. Yup! Medusa chastises her subordinates for being cowardly and flies off, knowing the work shop witches will be after her soon if she doesn’t move. And sure as shit, they were. 

Now on to the juicy stuff. Ayaka meets Weekend in a church, who apparently was expecting her. Ayaka gains the upper hand several times, despite having no magic without Takamiya until she ends up in a disadvantageous situation with Weekend surprisingly the victor. That is…until she reveals she’s been saving mana in her from Takamiya until she got close enough. She fries the ever loving shit out of Weekend in what appears to be a victory…until Weekend regenerates and summons her familiars, defeating Ayaka. Weekend reveals she’s stored mana for a whole year and is dedicating it strictly for recovery and at this point, she’s bone dry.

Takamiya makes his way there and saves Ayaka. With mana, she effortless beats the shit out of both Weekend and her nameless subordinate. It was so quick that if you blinked you probably missed it. Weekend reveals that she has already “pushed the switch.” What does the switch do? Look, when a villain has a switch, it’s 98% likely that it’s for explosives that kill everyone.

And that is also the case here! WHAT DID I TELL YOU? Next week is the last episode; I expect a lot of damage control and Kazane ass kicking.

Witch Craft Works – 10

The battle against Weekend begins and this time, our heroes have to do it without any magic.

Yup. Great!

Only the Tower Witches are able to use magic now that Kazane’s barrier has gone down. This leaves everyone very, very vulnerable to Weekend’s tactics (especially considering that, aside from Chronoire, she is by far the most threatening character on the show). Work shop witches bite the dust one by one as Kazane recovers. However, Ayaka and Takamiya aren’t satisfied by sitting on their laurels until Kazane returns. What are they going to do, you ask?

Re-arm the barrier. Takamiya freaks out a bit when he sees his very own city burning, a pile a of rubble. Ayaka informs him that everyone is safe and as soon as they bring the barrier up, everything should revert. Takamiya’s sister uses the opportunity to team up with the jobber witches (Who can actually use magic because they’re tower witches and therefore, are a huge asset) to try to put a dent in Weekend’s forces.

Chronoire is excited that someone managed to defeat Kazane and seeks to do battle with this person. Weekend may have bitten off more than she can chew with her…

Takamiya restores the barrier, but is shortly knocked out by Ayaka who claims that this is now personal. And now, Weekend has pissed off the second most powerful person in the show. Let’s see her survive this.

Also, Rinon and the other manage to not only outmaneuver a gambit by Weekend where she threatened to denote several work shop witches if Takamiya wasn’t handed over to her, but also captured her. It didn’t last long as she had several explosives set in place.

Looking forward to seeing Ayaka kick her ass.

Witch Craft Works – 9

Once again, it’s time for vitchu-activiti.

Kagari finally buckles and begins to show our unlikely protaganist Takamiya how to use offensive magic and properly manifest it in a way that is useful. She claims she is going to be “very harsh” on him and puts on a brave face…before fussing over a little scratch he got on his elbow. She’s very cute in a strange sort of way. Takamiya pulls the tail of the tiger when he claims she is being too soft on him and she drops his ass off the top of a building, forbidding him from using his broom. He did ask for it.

He manifests a huge Kagari wearing a mini-skirt that saves him and punches the shit out of a building for seemingly no reason. Chronoire remarks that it’s likely the second seal was broken in his previous fight with Rinon (Notice the way his temples glew and his hair changed color?)

Meanwhile, Kazane gets alerted that a tower witch has the entire city under her control and requests an audience with her. Kazane, laid back as always, agrees to meet her and the witch reveals her name as “Weekend” (sounds like she belongs in the Hamatora if you’re asking me!). Kazane gets increasingly more alarmed when she realizes this is the woman that manipulated Chronoire and Medusa to do her bidding and that she is the true puppet master of this series. Weekend suggests a hypothetical situation that would drain Kazane of her mana if she were to cause an explosion so big she were forced to protect everyone in the city all at once. She follows through with her threat and it puts Kazane out of commission.

The stakes are raised; Weekend speculates it will take Kazane about a week to recover her mana (and at that point, he ass is grass). In other words, Weekend has about a week to recover Takamiya and awaken the white witch inside him. For their own protection, Kazane has her cronies lock them up and keep them safe as a failsafe. Kagari, recognizing Weekend’s face suggests that rather than wait they pre-emptively strike her. I like her style!

I’d imagine this won’t play out well, especially considering next week is the beginning of a two part episode.

Witch Craft Works – 8

Am I just dense or is the relationship between the tower and workshop witches extremely hard to understand? Kazane treats the tower witches more like they’re unruly kids rather than evil beings trying to end their lives (Medusa especially!) I can understand why they’ve made peace with the jobber witches (given they’re really not a threat and overall pretty harmless) but does somebody want to explain why Kazane lets a tower witch stand in place of her? Seriously?

I’ll chalk it up to me being dense and it making perfect sense or something, somehow or the other. In any event, we’re treated to a Kagari flashback via Takamiya’s dream in the beginning where Kazane puts two younger girls up to guiding her through school (something they do very well). It’s also weird seeing anybody actually dislike Kagari, but they are swiftly dealt with. The two girls show up later in the episode in very minor roles.

Kagari assures Takamiya that they must keep all five seals from being broken (Remember, one has already been broken). Takamiya speculates on what the White Princess inside him actually is and what he can do to stop her from awakening. It isn’t long before a rebellion breaks out at school as it’s no surprise none of the students approve of Takamiya being the student council president. He’s challenged to a fight on the principle that he “took advantage and used” the previous school council president which is obviously not true.

Takamiya takes on the “Bear fighter” and gets his ass summarily handed to him as usual until Kagari takes her downtown, making it appear that Takamiya has won the fight. The school treats him as a hero afterward and he finally gets some respect. It’s also worth noting that it appears the jobber tower witches tried to jump him in the middle of his fight..I mean, what else were they doing there?

Although this was a welcome diversion, here’s hoping we get some plot next week!

Witch Craft Works – 7

Kagari’s intentions for hiding Medusa (and the other jobber witches) have finally been revealed, although I suspect many of us had already guessed as to why that is.

In order to keep their mouths shut about the release of the white witch (which would subsequently send Kazane after their asses, daughter or not), Kagari figures the best way to keep watch on them is to have them in her sights. In their house. Yikes. Medusa is surprisingly diplomatic about the whole “losing” thing and decides to follow through with her wishes, given their aims coincide.

It was amusing to watch the jobber witches wait for Kagari to fall asleep only to be sorely disappointed that she never sleeps.

It isn’t long before Kagari’s intentions to hide Takamiya from her mother and her fellow work shop witches is laid bare when the other witches try to apprehend Takamiya. Openly defying her mother, she fuses with Medusa and attempts to subdue her mother with little success; for the first time ever, Kagari gets her ass kicked. They awaken in a punishment chamber that looks as though it jumped out from Virtue’s Last Reward. Damn. What kind of lady is Kazane?

The lines between good and evil are further blurred (Or maybe the show is mocking itself?) as we see Kazane playing what appears to be chess with the semi-competent, significantly more frightening witch who works with the alligator guy. We also find out that Kazane released the jobber witches. I know they’re not much of a threat but aren’t they enemies? It’s almost like it’s their job or they are playing a game where they punch in and out everyday, but there are no hard feelings. Perhaps this is just the tone of the show and it doesn’t give a shit.

It was still a great episode. Incoming drama between Kagari and her mother.